Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Holidays and Scary Writing

Fa la la la la la la la la!  Happy Holidays from NYC! 

So, when we started this cycle, it was Halloween.  Note: if I'd been scheduled at the start I absolutely would have posted a picture of my dog in her vampire costume; it was from last year when the whole Twilight thing was in full force, though come to think of it, it still might be, but I digress.  Back at the start of this cycle, one of the topics was things that scare us about being writers so I was giving that some thought today in advance of my post. At first I was all, I'm brave, I'm adventurous, writing doesn't scare me at all.  But then, I thought a little more.  

I'm scared of bad reviews.  I'm scared of going to and seeing what people are saying about me. I'm scared of the google alert I set up for my name. I'm scared of pissing off everyone at my publishing house when I have cover / cover copy / pub date issues. Because I have those. I'm sacred I'll never think of a next book. I'm scared that people I know (and people I don't know) will read my books and think, wow, she's really weird / off her rocker / a really bad writer. I'm scared it's possible to angst oneself to death.

But then, reading the paragraph I just wrote, and knowing that I still sit down almost every day to write, I'm going to full circle it and say that I (along with every last person in the world who writes) am brave and adventurous, because I think, no, believe, that in order to write, you must be.  And also, maybe, a little bit weird / off your rocker, too.

And also, just saying, my books make really great gifts, especially for the dog lover in your life.  If you happen to be giving or getting any of my books this holiday season and would like a signed bookplate for it, please just send me an email (alison[at] with address and inscription instructions, and into the mail it will go...

Happy Holidays!



  1. Alison, what a great blog! Thanks for sharing those thoughts, as writers, we all think... And I'm a little behind too, I dressed my dog as Team Edward for Halloween!

  2. This sums up the writing life perfectly, Alison!

  3. Nice post. And cute pic! Happy Holidays right back, Alison :)

  4. Angst oneself to death! I love it!!

    Great post, Ali.

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